Ranking: largest Russian translation companies 2014

Translation and localization industry companies in Russia are not required to publish financial results. Translationrating.ru offers them to disclose the data and confirm it volunatrily. Hense, the ranking includes the most transparent market players. The following list of the largest Russian translation companies 2013 has been compiled based on an open survey, in which 114 companies took part. 

check_circle — marks the companies that are willing to provide proof of revenue

check_circle — the company has provided the proof

Please write to [email protected] if you spot errors or incorrect data.

   NameRevenue in 2013GrowthHeadquartersFounded in
1Janus Worldwide$13.84 m[arrowup]5,9%Moscow1996232
2EGO Translating$13.4 m[arrowup]6%Saint Petersburg1990215
3ABBYY Language Services$13.1 m[arrowup]14.8%Moscow2004159
4Logrus International$10.05 mMoscow1993150
5TLS Company$8.5 m check_circle [arrowup]18.00%Moscow2000192
6Neotech$6 m check_circle [arrowup]27.6%Moscow1991129
7Translinkmore than $6 mMoscow2003203
8ROID Translation Companymore than $6 mMoscow199862
9Traktat$5.6 m check_circle [arrowup]43.5%Moscow2000140
10AG .translate$3.5 m check_circle [arrowup]29%Moscow200436
11Perewod.Ru$3.5 m[arrowup]9%Moscow200229
12Palex$3.4 m[arrowup]9.6%Tomsk200277
13Profperevod$3.13 m check_circle [arrowup]22.2%Moscow200045
14Megatext$3 m check_circle -3.3%Moscow200552
15All Correct Language Services$2.93 m check_circle [arrowup]33.7%Samara200647
16AKM West$2.9 m[arrowup]3.5%Moscow199943
17Medconsult$2.88 m check_circle Moscow200340
18TechInput$2.69 m[arrowup]73.5%Moscow200240
19Tolmach$2.56 m check_circle [arrowup]11.3%Moscow199730
20Alpha and Omega$2.5 m[arrowup]25%Moscow199115
21Prima Vista$2.3 m[arrowup]9.5%Chelyabinsk199933
22Effectiff$2 – $4 m check_circle Moscow199837
23Moscow Translation Agency$2 – $4 mMoscow200625
24Alphabet Translation Centre$2 – $4 mSaint Petersburg200025
25Li-Terra$1.89 m[arrowup]11.7%Saint Petersburg200661
26iTrex$1.6 m check_circle [arrowup]41.6%Moscow200613
27ITI$1.3 mMoscow199258
28Delovoyazyk$1.13 m check_circle [arrowup]61.4%Moscow198825
29Benevox$1 m[arrowup]11.1%Saint Petersburg200312
30Fonetix$1 — $2 mMoscow198852
31ALEAN$1 — $2 mKaluga199732
32Exprimo$1 — $2 m check_circle Moscow200624
33Perevod-Piter$1 — $2 m check_circle Saint Petersburg200411
34Interlingua$1 — $2 mMoscow200210
35Proflingua$1 — $2 mMoscow200923
36Nowitex$0.9 m check_circle [arrowup]28.5%Moscow200120
37London-Moscow$0.8 m0.00%Moscow200415
38Eclectic Translations$0.69 m-30.1%Saint Petersburg20098
39Norma-TM$0,6 m check_circle [arrowup]33.3%Moscow200027
40Apriori$0.6 m check_circle [arrowup]25%Moscow20067
41Trans-lit$0.52 m check_circle [arrowup]4%Yekatrinburg200814
42Globus-M$0.5 – $1 mKazan200240
43Avanta Translating$0.5 – $1 m check_circle Chelyabinsk198729
44MED.Solution$0.5 – $1 m check_circle Moscow200722
45Express$0,5 – $1 m check_circle Kaluga200320
46Transvertum$0.5 – $1 mMoscow200817
47Golden Hind$0.5 – $1 mMoscow200214
48Lingvo Service$0.5 – $1 m check_circle Rostov-on-Don200811
49Alba Translating$0.5 – $1 mNizhny Novgorod199711
50Angira$0.5 – $1 mMoscow200711
51ProLing$0.5 – $1 mMoscow20129
52Perevodural.ru (BBAT)$0.5 – $1 mYekatrinburg19948
53Levsha$0.5 – $1 mMoscow20097
54Tran-express$0.48 m check_circle [arrowup]26.3%Saint Petersburg200810
55Abico Global$0.46 m[arrowup]21%Saint Petersburg201011
56Intent$0.454 m[arrowup]32.3%Moscow199314
57EnRus$0.399 mMoscow19927
58Alba Longa$0.3 m0%Saint Petersburg20088
59Magditrans$0.3 m0%Makhachkala20023
60Koine Translation Company$0.261 m[arrowup]73%Pushkino - Moscow region200910
61Nashperevod.ru$0.22 m check_circle Dubna - Moscow region20088
62Business Solutions$0.22 m check_circle [arrowup]220%Voronezh20125
63itbFirst$0.2 mKolomna200615
64Passo Avanti$0.2 m[arrowup]53.8%Yekaterinburg20086
65Remarka$0.2 m0%Krasnodar20014
66Euro Space$0.064 mYekaterinburg20046
67Unitrans / Perevodmskunder $0.5 mUlyanovsk200624
68DataBridgeunder $0.5 m[arrowup]28%Ivanovo200512
69Yes We Can!under $0.5 m[arrowup]44%Saint Petersburg201012
70DVBP - Far East Translation Centerunder $0.5 mKhabarovsk200911
71Lingvo Prounder $0.5 mMoscow200610
72Ritexunder $0.5 m check_circle Vladivostok199910
73Alliance Prounder $0.5 mTomsk20069
74TranScriptunder $0.5 m check_circle Saint Petersburg20069
75Vebber Translation Agencyunder $0.5 mMoscow20069
76Libraunder $0.5 mMoscow19929
77Tatarstan Chamber of Commerse Translators' Guildunder $0.5 mKazan20037
78Yazykovedunder $0.5 mMoscow20066
79Business Translation Companyunder $0.5 mNizhny Novgorod20066
80Lingua Plusunder $0.5 mLipetsk20075
81Turianski&Wolfsson Translation Experts under $0.5 mYekaterinburg20075
82Lingua Garantunder $0.5 mMoscow20105
83Alpha Translation Companyunder $0.5 mKazan20064
84Argonautunder $0.5 mSaint Petersburg19973
85TranslateItunder $0.5 mIzhevsk20013
86Moderato Prounder $0.5 mYekaterinburg20112
87Even Translationsunder $0.5 mNovosibirsk20122
88Diplomatunder $0.5 mOmsk20112

Ranking method

  1. Companies are sorted by revenue expressed in US dollars, where one $ equals 31,90 Russian roubles (average daily exchange rate for 2013). Revenues include core services, such as translation and interpreting and other services such as DTP, language training, voiceovers, selling translation software, linguistic testing, verification of translations by a notary and providing apostille.
  2. In cases when revenues of several participants matched, the number of employees has been used to calculate rank.
  3. The participants of the survey had been offered to disclose their revenues and back the data up by official documents. Those who declined had an option to specify a revenue range rather than a specific figure. Companies that disclosed a revenue range are ranked by its lower bracket, i.e. a $3 m company that specified a revenue range of $2 — 4 m was ranked as if it had $2 m in revenues. 

Other significant market players

The following companies did not participate in the survey in 2013, however they are listed here to provide a more complete overview of the market

Name выручка Data Source Specialization
TransTech more than $6.5 m 2012 Spark* defense, technical
Vosstaniya 6 more than $4 m 2013 estimate retail
Dialect City more than $2 m 2012 survey technical, SMB
Russian Translation Company more than $2 m 2011 survey interpreting for government bodies and media
Proftranslating more than $1.5 m 2012 Spark* defense industry
Petro-Service $1.56 m 2013 interview technical, defense
AUM $0.5-2 m 2012 survey localization
Star-Spb $0.5-2 m 2012 survey technical

* Spark  — data obtained via spark-interfax.ru, default source: Unified State Register of Legal Entities (ЕГРЮЛ)


Data veficiation methods

  1. Telephone and email interviewing
  2. Visiting company HQs in person and visual estimation of the number of employees
  3. Comparing to Unified State Register of Legal Entities data;
  4. Calculating revenue by employee;
  5. Interviewing competitors;
  6. Requesting proof from companies.

Participants whose data is deemed highly doubtful have not been included.

Translationrating.ru author expresses gratitude to freelance translators  Katya Filatova and Sarah McDowell.

GRÖSSTE RUSSISCHE ÜBERSETZUNGSUNTERNEHMEN 2013, 2013 年最大的那幾間俄語翻譯公司, ロシアの上位翻訳会社2013


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