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Бюро переводов:
Центр  нотариального заверения и бюро переводов  logo
Центр нотариального заверения и бюро переводов  info_outline

Ценовая ниша: $10-$15 за страницу, менее $5 за страницу,

Клиенты: BMW, Chrysler, Аэрофлот
Центр нотариального заверения и бюро переводов close

Центр нотариального заверения и бюро переводов Апостиль Днепр Апостиль
Нотариальный перевод документов с заверением копии документа и подписи переводчика, апостиль оригиналов свидетельства о рождении и апостиль перевода, онлайн заказ по цветным сканам



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PTSGI logo
PTSGI info_outline

Ценовая ниша: менее $5 за страницу,

Клиенты: Microsoft

President Translation Service Group International (PTSGI.com) was established in 1966 by Square Fang, who majored in Economics at National Taiwan University. Inspired by a passion for linguistics, Square founded his agency in a humble office on a tiny corner of Taipei’s bustling downtown; an agency that was destined to one day become the benchmark for translation services and a renowned brand in the translation industry of Taiwan and all of Asia. PTSGI continued to expand over the following years and by 1980, before the age of e-mail, the Company operated seven offices in the greater Taipei area to facilitate swift communication with its clients. PTSGI pioneered the use of advanced workflow and communication technologies in the translation industry. As early as 1995, PTSGI computerized its systems with electronic networks long before the internet became integral in all modes of communication in Taiwan. It is this spirit and practice of innovation that elevated PTSGI to the leading position it holds today in Taiwan.
With a strong footing at home, the Company expanded into overseas markets. Besides the Taipei head office, PTSGI maintains branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul, while representative offices cover all major cities around the globe. We provide 24-hour, round-the-clock services to our worldwide clients, fulfilling the ambition of our founder to solve clients’ language-related issues anytime, anywhere.
With time comes experience, and PTSGI has become the longest standing translation service provider in Taiwan, and the most representative brand in Asia’s integrated language service industry. In the future, we will continue to enhance our professionalism to be our clients’ best partner in their business development.



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