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Представительства в городах: done, done

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Форма оплаты: done, done, done

Год основания: 2005

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Штат: 10

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Metafora Translation Services was established in 2005 as a translation company targeted at corporate customers. With its seat in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the Company is offering translation services to multiple businesses in Kazakhstan and abroad. The Company is focused on oil and gas, mining and geology, IT, engineering and construction, law and legal sector, consumer goods and food products, providing customers with translation and proofreading services for an array of language pairs. We completed thousands of translation projects and participated in many projects as subcontractor. With utmost responsibility and proven expertise, our customers can entrust quality-sensitive projects to us and get expected results. Our resource pool is a well established team of translators and proofreaders who can handle extensive and critical projects. The Company’s managers can manage virtually any task and are capable of delivering predicted results. Over the past years of extensive work we had experience in long-term localization projects for large ERP solutions and accumulated deep knowledge and understanding of this area. Another recent project we can be proud of was translation of an array of service manuals for one world-leading printer manufacturer. As part of our success, we established strong and seamless partnership with many other translation companies. The Company’s staff includes skilled and qualified translators, proofreaders, managers, and DTP specialists. As technology in Kazakhstan continues to advance, to keep up the pace we use leading-edge TM solutions, and industry-specific management solution for translation agencies to enable us streamline our processes and make customer relations more efficient.

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