Reputation Ranking of Top-100 Russian LSPs 2011 — 2012

Choosing the right translation provider in Russia is vital. Compared to Western Europe and the US the market is young and not yet as developed. Over a 1000 companies operate in it, offering varying quality of services and costs from 5 to 20+ euros a page for popular languages. If you Google for contractors, you are equally as likely to find a professional or a fraud.

Turning to directories, blueboards and even available market reports, you will probably be embarrassed how little helpful information they offer. Perhaps a dozen largest brands stand out, but many smaller highly specialized and professional companies are virtually invisible.

This lack of information prompted me to create – a page that ranks translation agencies and provides criteria for their comparison.


Two warnings. First, the ranking of LSPs is based on aggregated recommendations from industry professionals. As a rendition of collective opinion, scores are influenced by charisma of CEOs, shared activities, proximity and other subjective factors. Some of the top places may have been attained by a group vote of friends/business partners. Likewise, less popular but still very well established firms did not get all the acclaim they deserve, simply because fewer people keep them in mind.

Second, the company data has been provided by the LSPs or otherwise copied from their official websites, and is therefore their responsibility. Some of the LSPs may have mildly inflated their figures.

I recommend using the table as pre-selection tool to choose a range of fitting providers, and then researching these companies further before placing an order. For more information on companies (clients, financials, CEO contacts), please use Russian version of the website.

Ranked Logo Website Key subject areas Main office Year est Employees TM-tools_used Score
1 Логотип Neotech oil and gas, automotive, IT Moscow 1991 115 Trados Studio Transit 312
2 Логотип Janus Worldwide IT, software localization, consulting services , marketing/advertising Moscow 1996 167 Trados StudioMemoQDejaVuWordFastAcrossMemSource 267
3 Логотип Бюро переводов РОЙД medical, legal, finance Moscow 1998 56 Trados Studio 267
4 Логотип Логрус IT, ERP, technical, business, manufacturing engineering Moscow 1993 150 Trados StudioMemoQDejaVuWordFastAcrossMemSource 252
5 Логотип Палекс software localization, IT, technical, medical Tomsk 2002 63 Trados StudioMemoQWordFastAcross 246
6 Логотип ЭГО Транслейтинг oil and gas, automotive, energy sector, manufacturing engineering, tool engineering, IT St.Petersburg 1990 200 Trados StudioMemoQ 234
7 Логотип Бюро переводов videogames, software localization, chemical production, automotive Samara 2006 39 Trados Studio MemoQ DejaVu 231
8 Логотип Бюро научно-технических переводов Норма-ТМ medical, pharmaceutics, technical Moscow 2001 12 155
9 Логотип Интент electric technology, automation equipment, electronic equipment, air conditioning equipment Moscow 1993 14 Trados Studio 142
10 Логотип Транслинк government, military, technical, business, legal Moscow 2003 123 Trados Studio 116
11 Логотип InText technical, engineering, IT, medical, legal Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) 2002 25 Trados StudioMemoQWordFastAcross 111
12 Логотип Переведем.ру / ABBYY LS software localization, marketing/advertising, legal, technical Moscow 2003 93 Trados Studio 111
13 Логотип Прима Виста oil and gas, IT, legal, medical Chelyabinsk 1999 27 Trados StudioDejaVu 110
14 Логотип Трактат technical, finance, IT Moscow 2000 No info 109
15 Логотип Экспримо technical, oil and gas, legal, medical, government Moscow 2006 No info 107
16 Логотип АКМ-Вест wide range of subject areas Moscow 1999 35 Trados Studio 105
17 Логотип Альфа и Омега technical, finance, legal, medical, science Moscow 1991 No info 86
18 Логотип Бизнес-бюро Ассоциации переводчиков technical, simultaneous interpreting, wide range of subject areas Yekaternburg 1994 8 Trados Studio 70
19 Логотип Литтера technical Moscow 2003 3 Trados Studio 68
20 Логотип Либра-К finance, insurance business, oil and gas, multimedia translation Moscow 1992 11 Trados StudioDejaVu 67
21 Логотип МАРК Бизнес Переводы legal, finance, аудит, marketing/advertising, business Moscow 1992 12 66
22 Логотип Аум oil and gas, patents, general business, business, tool engineering Novosibirsk 1996 32 Trados StudioWordFast 55
23 Логотип Бюро переводов TLS finance, audit, medical, oil and gas, legal Moscow 2000 115 Trados StudioMemoQWordFast 55
24 Логотип МегаТекст, городская сеть бюро переводов personal documents (b2c), simultaneous interpreting, websites Moscow 2004 35 Trados Studio 53
25 Логотип Neoland technical, legal, medical, multimedia translation Moscow 2005 Trados StudioTransit 51
26 Логотип Мартин finance, oil and gas, technical Moscow 2006 No info 50
27 Логотип Мир перевода technical, business, general business, customs Moscow 2000 No info 50
28 Логотип ПрофПеревод oil and gas, legal, finance, manufacturing engineering Moscow 1999 35 Trados StudioAcrossMemSource 50
29 Логотип Русская переводческая компания interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, government, general business, technical, mass media, book translation Moscow ? No info 49
30 Логотип Advanced International Translations IT, telecom Kyiv (Ukraine) 1998 Trados Studio 48
31 Логотип Право и Слово legal Moscow 2000 10 Trados Studio 48
32 Логотип EnRus IT, medical, book translation Moscow ? No info 47
33 Логотип Fonetix technical, IT, websites Moscow 1988 Trados Studio 45
34 Логотип Аванта Транслейтинг energy sector, manufacturing engineering, machine tools industry, aviation Chelyabinsk 1987 23 Trados StudioDejaVu
35 Логотип Транслит finance, legal, energy sector, construction, oil and gas, IT Yekaternburg 2008 9 Trados StudioMemoQ 38
36 machine tools industry, oil and gas Moscow 2006 18 OmegaT 38
37 Логотип itbFIRST technical Kolomna 2006 20 Trados Studio 37
38 Логотип Перевод.ру oil and gas, finance, medical Moscow 1996 24 Trados Studio
39 Логотип Деловой Язык military, oil and gas, legal Moscow 1988 12 Trados StudioMemoQDejaVuWordFastAcrossMemSource 35
40 software localization, IT 1992 Trados Studio 33
41 Логотип Плюс Перевод (Т-Сервис) software localization, technical, marketing/advertising, legal, websites St.Petersburg ? Trados Studio 32
42 Логотип Дэлосс technical, software localization, websites Moscow ? No info 31
43 Логотип Интерлингва automotive, legal, technical, marketing/advertising Moscow 2002 10 Trados StudioTransit 31
44 websites, technical Moscow 2009 6 DejaVu 31
45 Логотип Альянс PRO technical, legal Tomsk 2006 9 Trados StudioWordFast 30
46 Логотип Переводчик.ру legal, finance, technical, marketing/advertising, personal documents (b2c) Moscow 2000 No info 29
47 Логотип Толмач personal documents (b2c), legal, technical Moscow 1997 28 No info 26
48 Логотип Moscow Translation Agency legal, technical, finance, automotive Moscow 2006 51 No info 23
49 No info 22
50 Логотип АРТранслейтинг legal, finance, pharmaceutics, technical Moscow 2006 6 Trados Studio 20
51 Логотип Контраст interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, multilingual guides Moscow 2006 2 20
52 Логотип Databridge IT, technical, electronics, marketing/advertising Ivanovo 2005 11 Trados Studio 20
53 legal, software localization, tourism, industrial safety Minsk (Belarus) ? 2 Trados StudioMemoQWordFastAcrossTransit 20
54 Логотип ЛингвоАС technical, finance, legal, business, book translation Moscow 2009 7 Trados Studio 20
55 Логотип Центр переводов Логика legal, IT Nizhny Novgorod 2008 15 Trados Studio 20
56 finance, business, general business, insurance business, energy sector Dubna 2008 Trados Studio 20
57 Логотип Бюро переводов OST oil and gas, construction, IT, legal, interpreting Rostov-on-Don 1998 10 Trados StudioDejaVu 20
58 Логотип ТранЭкспресс general business, tourism, hotels, websites St.Petersburg 2008 8 MemoQ 20
59 Логотип Engineering Translation Services electronics, telecom, control systems, patents St.Petersburg 2009 1 20
60 Логотип INTER Technical Translations technical, IT, software localization, oil and gas St.Petersburg 1988 40 Trados StudioAcrossTransit 19
61 Логотип Лондон-Москва legal, business, technical, medical Moscow 2002 No info 19
62 Логотип Параллельный мир science, technical, legal Moscow 2006 No info 19
63 Логотип ID-бюро legal, visa translations Yekaternburg ? No info 18
64 legal, patents, marketing/advertising Toronto ? No info 18
65 technical, patents, general business, marketing/advertising Chelyabinsk 2002 18
66 Логотип Туриански & Вольфссон interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, government Yekaternburg 2007 No info 17
67 Логотип Физтех-Лингво technical, science, materials science, manufacturing engineering, tool engineering, medical Moscow 1998 No info 17
68 Логотип Проект-перевод personal documents (b2c), general business, websites Chimki ? No info 17
69 Логотип Ассоциация профессиональных переводчиков legal, finance, book translation St.Petersburg ? No info 17
70 Логотип Руна foreign economic activity, conferences, wide range of subject areas, technical Arkhangelsk 1990 No info 17
71 Логотип Aardvark Enterprises simultaneous interpreting, IT, finance, consulting, legal Moscow 1999 No info 16
72 Логотип Yus Augmentive software localization, IT, videogames Moscow ? No info 16
73 Логотип Эра legal, software localization Moscow 2005 No info 16
74 technical Moscow 2006 No info 16
75 Логотип ITI, Ltd IT, software localization, mobile phones, medical, general business Moscow 1992 28 Trados StudioMemoQWordFastAcross 16
76 Логотип Центр лингвистической помощи legal, general business Moscow ? No info 16
77 Логотип Сфера technical, legal, multimedia, interpreting St.Petersburg ? No info 16
78 Логотип ТИС Интернэшнл wide range of subject areas Moscow 2006 No info 16
79 Логотип Транстех military, aviation, ship building, energy sector, nuclear power, tool engineering, metallurgy St.Petersburg 2004 Trados Studio 16
80 Логотип AG.translate aviation, finance, business, military, manufacturing engineering, legal, pharmaceutics, electronics Moscow 2004 110 No info 16
81 electro technology, science Moscow 2003 No info 15
82 Логотип Дисарон legal, general business Moscow ? No info 15
83 Логотип Да Винчи technical, legal, business, medical, oil and gas, book translation, marketing/advertising, IT Moscow 2006 No info 15
84 Логотип software localization, IT St.Petersburg 2004 No info 15
85 Логотип PEREVODIM.Ru energy sector, IT, legal, marketing/advertising Moscow 2005 Trados Studio 15
86 Логотип Промова technical, software localization, IT Kharkov (Ukraine) ? No info 15
87 Логотип Национальная лига переводчиков wide range of subject areas Moscow ? No info 15
88 technical, science, legal Moscow ? No info 15
89 general business, legal, technical, websites, foreign economic activity Yekaternburg ? No info 14
90 Логотип Птица Говорун wide range of subject areas Minsk (Belarus) 2001 15 No info 14
91 legal, personal documents (b2c) St.Petersburg ? No info 14
92 legal, personal documents (b2c) Moscow ? No info 14
94 technical, oil and gas, construction, medical, automotive, business, legal, personal documents (b2c) St.Petersburg 2001 70 Trados StudioWordFast 13
95 Логотип ЛэнАрк technical, legal, business, medical Moscow 2001 No info 13
96 business, technical, medical, legal Moscow ? No info 13
97 personal documents (b2c), science, technical, medical, general business, legal St.Petersburg ? No info 13
98 general business, technical, legal, interpreting, simultaneous interpreting Minsk (Belarus) ? Trados Studio 13
99 personal documents (b2c) Moscow ? No info 12
100 Логотип Пассо Аванти personal documents (b2c), wide range of subject areas Yekaternburg 2008 Trados Studio 12

How it was made

Generally ratings rank companies by their revenues. In Russia that wouldn’t work. Most translation agencies prefer not to disclose their sales figures to media, and there is no way to get up-to date data through official requests. When you see a market report with revenue figures for several LSPs, know that for each company listed in it there are 5-10 of the same size that haven’t been mentioned. Or the researcher obtained “some figures that may be close to the truth”. You never know.

Revenue figures being a no-go for a rating, I had to find an alternative way to rank companies, one that would include all important players despite them providing or not providing corporate data.

The answer came in the form of recommendations from competent professionals. I have decided to collect opinions of LSP CEOs and sourcing managers, which companies are the best. In a survey conducted in Nov-Dec 2011, the experts were asked to provide their own version of top 10 language service providers. Each reference earned the companies points, which were aggregated in the final score. Thus LSPs with recommendations from several experts and higher places earned top places in the table.

Place in expert ranking Points
1st 19
2nd 18
3rd 17
4th 16
5th 15
6th 14
7th 13
8th 12
9th 11
10th 10
Extra 5
Companies received for filling in the questionnaire 20


Company CEOs also filled in a questionnaire with relevant data such as specialization, number of employees, implemented CAT and TM tools, financials, etc.

Over 250 translation companies active in the Russian market had been invited to participate, and 44 agencies agreed, including most of market leaders. Several professional sourcing managers added their opinions to the poll.



About the author

Konstantin Dranch has worked as a business journalist and freelance translator in Samara (Russia) and is now a part of the team that hosts Translation Forum Russia conference. Currently residing in Kosice, Slovak Republic.

He can be reached [email protected]


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