Sales Training for Translation Companies


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Начало занятий: Бессрочный

Часовой пояс: (UTC+04:00) Москва

Цена: 950 EUR

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Тип мероприятия: Онлайн

Организатор: Andrzej Nedoma

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In this sales training I share my personal experience, gathered when I was managing and building LIDO-LANG Technical Translations, which grew to one of leading Translation Companies in Central Europe before we realised a successful exit and sold 100% of shares to SeproGroup — one of the biggest biggest Translation Companies worldwide.

I offer a complete sales training that covers the following topics

  • Salesperson Stereotype

  • Sales Process steps

  • Tools used in sales process

  • Building value for client

  • Negotiation

  • Prospecting

It includes real cases and advice based on my work managing translation company and 20-years of experience on the translation market.

account_circle Докладчики

Andrzej Nedoma

Andrzej Nedoma

CEO, Enterpreneur, Sales Coach, Presenter, Triathlete
Entrepreneur with 20-years of experience in business. Developed a family-owned business to become one of the leading players in Central Europe and executed a successful multi-million exit. Co-founded an IT company, attracted Venture Capital investment, grew internationally and is among worldwide leading suppliers of translation management and automation solutions. Works as Sales and Business coach, as well as advisor for Top Executives on strategy, and growth. Passionate in Sport and languages, he actively participates in IronMan Triathlons and communicates fluently in English, Italian, French and native Polish.


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